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Teledyne Seabotix ROV

SeaBotix is the world leading manufacturer of MiniROV systems with a pedigree of underwater expertise.

A dedication to providing a capable underwater solution unlike anything else.

SeaBotix Inc. was founded on years of research, development and industry related trades. Drawing from previous experience in the underwater industry SeaBotix has the edge. In 1986 SeaBotix President Don Rodocker formed a subsidiary, of then Pressure Products Group Inc. now Divex, called Hydrovision. Hydrovision produces the Hyball ROV and is one of the most successful ROVs ever produced. During his tenure at Hydrovision Donald discovered the tremendous potential for a full function low cost ROV. The "Little Benthic Vehicle" LBV® is exactly this.

The company goal is to create an outstanding product that follows four (4) basic guidelines as outlined below:

Capability - "The ability necessary to do something"
LBV must be capable of real work in real environments. To accomplish this it must have powerful thrusters, small diameter tether, adequate depth capability, large range of view and be a flexible platform for options.

Intuitive - "Known directly and instinctively, without being discovered or consciously perceived"
LBV must be simple to operate even to the most novice of operators. To accomplish this the controls must be simple, it must have auto functions, it must have an on screen information display and user programmable options.

Rugged - "Physically strong enough to endure harsh conditions, or used to enduring them"
LBV must be rugged enough to withstand the harsh environments in which it will be operated. To accomplish this it must be constructed of durable materials, possess several safety circuits and have easily field serviced components.

Value - "The worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody"
By combining capability, intuitiveness, ruggedness and affordability the LBV is an exceptional value to the user.

LBV has become a success through the efforts not only of SeaBotix Inc. but those of the user's. A cooperative effort including valuable feedback has created such a useful and powerful tool. Read through the website and find out why LBV is such an exceptional product.

Learn more about Teledyne SeaBotix ROVs, please visit www.seabotix.com directly. 


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