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Teledyne Impulse Cable & Connector

Teledyne Impulse designs and manufactures high reliability electrical and optical interconnection systems, motorized power transfer switches, and custom insert molded compression connectors for a broad range of harsh environment applications. The company’s products are proven performers in the most demanding applications, which include oceanographic exploration, spacecraft and launch vehicles, defense, oil and gas production, nuclear systems, and wastewater management.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and rapid response is unsurpassed. Through precise and innovative engineering, flexible manufacturing processes, and dedicated customer support, Teledyne Impulse provides industries worldwide with highly reliable and cost-effective interconnection solutions.






Learn more about Teledyne Impulse Products, please visit Teledyne Impulse (www.teledyneoilandgas.com/about/productlines/impulse/home.htm) directly.

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