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EIVA NaviSuite Nardoa - Advanced 3D pipeline & cable route inspection solution

Completely integrated software solution for data acquisition and processing, offering you a cost-effective workflow and high-quality inspection results:

Integration of sonar, video and tracker data
... providing a detailed and complete data overview throughout the workflow, synchronised in time, position and reference

Visualisation, processing and analysis in a 3D environment
... leading to extensive possibilities

Automatic data cleaning and filtering
... letting the software do most of the work quickly and efficiently, utilising intuitive features such as Kalman filtering and S-CAN cleaning

Raw data applied throughout the entire inspection workflow
... eliminating the risk of errors due to data conversion and allowing for instant compensation of errors in the different workflow stages without having to step back in the process

Learn more about EIVA Software Solution, please visit EIVA (www.eiva.com) directly.


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